This cable to be applied for energy distribution is suitable for all types of low voltage industrial-type connections, in urban grids, building installations,etc.
Its high flexibility makes the installation process substantially easier and as a result is particularly for the use in difficult layouts.   It can be buried or installed in a tube as well as outdoors without requiring additional protection.
The Powerflex RVK cable can withstand damp conditions including total immersion in water.


Excellent flexibility
The cross linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation allows greater 
   power transmission as well as higher resistance to overloads.
Lower installation costs.
Fire proof properties
PVC mix outer sheath provides high level of protection against 
  mineral and hydrocarbon oils.
The powerflex RV-K's design allows it to be installed in almost all
   types of environments: outdoors, buried, in humid environments and
   even totally submerged in water.


Powerflex RV-K 0,6/1KV
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